4. Samuel’s Call: I Know You Called Me

1 Samuel3:8 – 10

So the first few times, Father Yahweh calls his name – “Samuel!” he hears, and he responds to the person to the only person who regularly calls him. But here is where it gets interesting: after the third call, Eli has come to terms with the perception that the Father is persistently calling for the young man’s attention. (Can I just say, that Eli’s eyes are dim but he is not totally blind, and it may have taken him some time, but he is still able to recognize the call of Yahweh – that’s grace).

Here’s even more amazing grace: Yahweh was calling Samuel long before he recognized the call, and Yahweh was calling Samuel long before other people, even those close to him, recognized the call. Hasn’t Yahweh made previous attempts to get our attention, but we did not always attribute it to Him. One thing I will say, for those who do not yet know and may not be sure if it is the voice of Yahweh or His calling or His purpose for us – He will not stop calling, he will not stop nudging and urging, and at some point, other people are going to recognize the call of Yahweh on your life. More importantly, we will come to understand that this is not just another call, another nudge; this is not just another feeling of discomfort with just being in place and doing what I am supposed to do, this is different, it is a divine call; and as soon as we get to that place where we say, “oh, this is Yahweh, this is the one whom I have prayed to all along, this is the one who has allowed me to read his word, this is him in person; as soon as we get to the point where it is pointed out to us that Yahweh’s hand is on us, things are going to change. Our experience with him is going to change.

Here is what happened after Samuel has received the right and complete instructions, after he returns to his place. The scripture says in verse 10, Yahweh came and stood there, calling him as at other times. Now that Samuel is aware of who is calling him, and aware and alert to the person behind Voice, Father Yahweh comes in and stands to call Samuel. The point is that as soon as you are ready to be attentive to him, he comes closer, he reveals himself a little more. He steps into the room.

He needs us to be in position to receive him, but he also needs us to recognize who is talking to us, he wants us to be ready to receive, ready to hear, ready to say what he says. Ready to go and do what he says: as soon as Samuel added “Speak Yahweh”, he moved in, he introduces himself to Samuel and gives him a word that takes him from priest-in-training to prophet. His purpose for being there was revealed to him as soon as he responded with understanding of who he was being called by. His purpose became clear!

Samuel may have believed that he was only there, in the temple because his mother prayed, because someone saw his desperate mother praying and blessed her. Samuel perhaps thought he was here serving at the temple because he was the product of a miracle and the keeping of a promise. That is all good and well in the knowledge of man, but Yahweh knew he was going to be there long before Hannah prayed. The psalmist says, before I was formed in the womb you knew me. He knew there was coming a time when the eyes of those who should be leading the way would grow dim because they overlooked the sins of their favorite people, but He already had a plan in place and Samuel was not just a plan B. Yahweh knew him before he was even thought about by his parents

We tend to think that we are where we are in life because our mother or father prayed for us, or because I grew up with my grandmother who is a stalwart, woman of Yahweh – that we were destined to serve because of other people. Not at all, He knew us long before we got here, and while it was necessary for them to pray for us, while it was important for my grandmother to raise me, while it was necessary for suffering to lead you to this place, it was all ordered by Him. We may say, poor Hannah, had to go through a time of barrenness and shame; we all have had to go through the shame of watching other people get what they want and flaunt it in front of our faces; we all have had to suffer through something, but didn’t it take us right into the presence of Yahweh? And, it is where he wanted us all along. We were refused and denied and turned away; some of us have been falsely accused or overlooked, but it was all part of the plan. His plan was to put you in place to hear His call. His plan was to introduce himself to you while others waxed complacent. His plan was to equip you to lead. That was why you were placed here. Keep doing diligently, the duties that have been assigned to you. Keep working, keep singing, keep interceding, keep being faithful, but be ready to recognize the voice and the call of Yahweh, be in position to experience His mighty move and respond in the positive: Speak Yahweh, your servant is listening.

Consistence is the key to fulfilling our purpose. In the past, we may have chosen not to be consistent, and did not make the presence of Yahweh our resting place therefore we perhaps missed the opportunities for our introduction. It has taken a longer time for us to come into our purpose, because we move as soon as we feel as if we have done our duties. Wait upon Yahweh and wait in a consistent, holy place; be in position to receive. Be ready for your introduction.

In conclusion, believers think that these types of experiences are only reserved for the special few, but Father Yahweh (God) wants to get intimate with all of us, all of us, this is why we are saved.  Being saved was the introduction of himself to us, our baptism was the wedding – the open/public display; being filled with His Spirit was the honeymoon. But marriage doesn’t end at the honeymoon, now he wants to live with us and extend his family, extend his love through us and the fruit we produce.

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