2. The Rewrite: Another Chance

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As I mentioned earlier, Moses also had to come down from the mountain to face the people he had the responsibility to lead. When he arrived, he found them in a state of backsliding and although he just interceded for their life, he became so angry that he broke the tablets on which the instructions and Words were written. I imagine Moses later feeling disappointed in himself that he allowed the people to affect him so much emotionally that he lost the evidence of his mountaintop experience.

It is true that we often cannot detach from the emotions that come with dealing with others who may not have the level of relationship with the Messiah as we do – and while this includes the unsaved, it is often even difficult to deal with other believers – people who we might think should know and act better. It is also true that in the course of life, we break from the crush of its pressures and from the hurt and upsets delivered by others. At times we inflict wounds on our own selves with choices that are less than palatable, and which result in damage to our heart and soul, even our bodies. The second half of the article is to encourage us that as worshipers, we have an opportunity to get a rewrite, to be renewed and healed. This is a real benefit of being a worshiper. It is important because we often need these opportunities to say, “Father I have sinned, or I have messed up, and I am broken, I need you to remind me of what your Word says about me, and renew a right Spirit within me, so that I can continue to fulfill my purpose in you” (Psalm 51 is a good example).

Remember, the Word of Yahweh is sure and this lesson teaches us, that just because the thing on which the Word was written got broken, does not mean that Yahweh (God) broke His promise to the people. His Word still remained and He would rewrite them as many times as needed for the people to get it. Later in Jeremiah 31:33, He said I put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God (Elohim) and they will be my people (NIV). This way it is inside of us and unable to be erased, so now even though we may have had experiences that broke us down – whether emotionally, spiritually, physically or even where we broke our commitment with Him, His love still speaks to us. If we take the time to come back to Him, to spend time with Him and worship Him, He will rewrite the promises on our hearts as a reminder to us that He will accomplish His Word.

Worship gives us an opportunity to start fresh and to turn a new page. It allows us to let go of the broken and to realize that the plans he has for us still stand. Therefore, do not let self-condemnation, or condemnation from others for that matter, stop us from coming to our Master in humility and worship. We no longer have an excuse to stay away from the presence of Yahweh, not after the complete price for our sins was paid by Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus). As believers, we should seek after the presence of the King, because it is in this place of worship that our lives will be transformed and we will produce fruit that represent and honor Him.

In Exodus 34 when Yahweh called Moses again, he said this time, no one comes with you. Be ready in the morning, come up in the morning and be there on the mountain. This time Moses had an even greater experience with Yahweh. It was so powerful that He was transformed without even realizing that his transformation shone on his face. He was so illuminated that the people at first did not recognize or were afraid to look at him.

I pray we would come from our intimacy experiences with Yahweh with a changed identity, with evidence that we had been with the Awesome Wonder. If we are willing to stop “saving face” that is, hold on to our well-established reputations, He would be able to allow us to reflect Him in this world. Moses surrendered the part of himself that others most easily recognized him by. Are we willing to give up our reputation, and take on the identity of the King? This is where He is calling us to and as many of us that answer the call and are willing to separate from the crowd and spend quality time in His presence, will experience the transformation into His identity and the confidence to walk in our purpose.

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