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Seven Week Devotional

This amazing devotional journal is a keepsake that you will keep going back to as you discover your purpose through a closer relationship with Yahweh (God).


Writing is cathartic and having a journal that inspires gratitude and hope is an integral part of your transformation.

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An intriguing exposition on the lessons from Genesis 41 and the parallel applications to the 2020 pandemic. A must read for every disciple of Messiah.

Search no more! This is it right here. The youth that I serve and my co-workers want to know what I’m reading that gives me such peace in what could be a challenging, and draining environment. The contents of “Sufficient for Today” has given me the daily re-charge that I need to maintain my spiritual walk and continue to pour into others. There’s something in this book that will serve as an answer for just about every situation. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth the money, well it is! If it were hundreds more it would still be worth it, but it will only cost you less than $15. Do your soul a huge favor today and click buy NOW! You won’t regret it! And while you’re at it, follow this profound Author and Speaker. I’ve heard her speak live, and believe me when I tell you there’s more on the way.
Joel Grant

Every morning I start my day off with this devotional, and it has been huge source of encouragement for me. Each time I read, it confirms and expands on the very thing that I have been learning and praying about. The abilities are awesome, the connections are great, and the insight shared is life transformative. If you’re looking for daily inspiration, encouragement, and spiritual and practical tools needed to live purposefully, this is the book for you!
Myiesha Taylor

Currently on the subway heading home from work and I can’t put this book down. This piece of work has been such a blessing to my daily spiritual walk. It has enhanced my devotional lifestyle. Sharon Haughton may Yahweh bless and continue to use you. I am halfway through the book already and its been such an awesome read. I highly recommend. #SufficientForToday #SharonHaughton
Brent Davis

This book has been a daily reminder of why I continue my walk with God. It has been an encouragement to me since the first day I opened the book. This devotional is very unique because it has a section in it where you can journal after reading your devotional which is very therapeutic and very reflective of what you’ve learned after your reading. The biblical examples used in this devotional just reinforces the message and creates more understanding and insight for me that I can carry on through out my daily life. This is definitely a devotional I would recommend to anybody, young and old.
Dalton Richards

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