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Devotionals encourage consistency, inspire faith and nurture a fruitful relationship with Yahweh. My books and journals are designed to enable spiritual growth and maturity. Discover more about discipleship and living in the love of the Messiah today.



    Dear readers and faith family, Thank you so much for your love and support for my new book. I am so blessed by the feedback. I hope you will continue to be inspired to live a devoted life every day of the year. In January I shared four of the devotionals from: Devoted, Daily Devotionals…

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  • Guard the Good Deposit

    Guard the Good Deposit

    When I make a deposit at the bank, I have a few expectations: 1) my deposit will be kept securely and 2) that it will increase through interest. Needless to say, neither of these are guaranteed in this climate of avarice. Today, deposits are required to be insured (a clear sign of security risks) and…

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    How did I grow up in Jamaica and play outdoors and never got stung by a bee or a wasp? I guess it is never too late for these things to happen. I was stung by a wasp recently. And now I know the real definition of a sting! Seriously, some words are better defined…

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  • The Fringes of His Force

    The Fringes of His Force

    If you have ever seen satellite images of the earth taken from outer space, you will understand the reverence that I feel every time I see the earth suspended in space, blue and beautiful, quietly testifying of the Power of Yahweh Almighty. In Job 26 the author captures an ode to the Mighty One that…

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    Recently, a friend of mine was instructed by her nutritionist to maintain a diet of vegetables and fruits only for two weeks.  She was told to expect dramatic results in her health, as she reset her system.  During the two weeks, she expressed the struggle to continue the diet: “I am hungry and miserable all…

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  • New Devotional on Amazon

    New Devotional on Amazon

    Devoted: Daily Devotionals for a Surrendered Life Devoted is a collection of scriptural studies and devotionals which encourage application of spiritual principles for transformation of the heart and mind.  With daily prompts for reading, prayer and journaling, it allows for the practical extension of our divine experiences from the prayer closet to our daily interactions and…

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