I AM The Way

the way

Yeshua (Jesus) answered, I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6 NIV

Have you ever embarked on a road trip? Or simply put, have you taken a journey? When I set out on a journey, whether to work or to visit a site which I have never seen, I know a few things from the outset.  I know that I must leave where I am take the journey, I know there is a path or road to be taken on the journey, and I take the journey believing that the destination exists.  Taking a journey is an act of faith. 

By now we are fully aware that highways and streets are not created because we decided to make the journey from our homes or place of origin.  Roadways, wide black asphalt blankets crisscrossing the earth or narrow dirt tracks cleared by tireless feet, were designed to connect one destination to the next.  Destinations do not materialize just because we imagined or envisioned them.  As we journey along we discover the way, we encounter the unexpected, and we are wide-eyed with awe as much of what we experience exceeds our expectations.

The path to salvation is Yeshua the Messiah.  We follow Him on the journey to arrive at the place of transformation where we are like Him, as He brings us into full relationship with His Father.  Along the way we experience the wonder of being who He has designed and called us to become.  There is no need to be afraid or hesitant on this journey. The Way may feel unfamiliar at times but it is never uncertain.  Remain in the Way, receive the Truth and inherit the Life.

Today, do not dictate your own moves, follow the Way!

Father, I trust you and I believe that you are leading me closer to your image through your Son.  In faith I leave uncertainty and doubt behind and continue on the journey because you promised to be with me to the very end.  You are the path, the journey and the destination, therefore I will never be lost if I remain in you.

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