Thy will be done.

Today it is impressed upon my heart that our Father wants us to be more aligned to His will, in our prayers, in our desires and plans.

The cares of life can sneakily overtake our prayers so that we end up demanding all that would make us happy and great all day long. There’s nothing wrong at all with being blessed. It is after all who we are called, blessed, children of the Most High. But what about what Father Yahweh wants for us? What of His will and plans and timing? Are our prayers and desires in alignment with what He wants?

Yahweh has plans for us, He has made our future secure. So instead of frantically praying that what we want will manifest, enter in faith into the place of securely knowing His Will is done on earth and in our lives as it is in heaven, where there is perfect order and all is for the glory and honor of the King of Kings.

Then, let us pray, pray in faith, pray in the Spirit and pray His Word. Pray according to the Word He has given us today. And be confident that His will is being done and all things (according to His plan) will be added to us.

Today I want what He wants!

Less of what we want and more of what He wants. Until our Will is fully in alignment with His heart for us!

For more devotionals, see Sufficient For Today by Sharon Haughton on, Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

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2 responses to “Thy will be done.”

  1. Definitely a timely word. I was thinking about this, this morning! I want my prayers to align with what He wants for me.


  2. Cares of life can certainly be a hindrance from our prayers and doing the will of Yahweh. Thanks for your profound and encouraging words. May Yahweh continue to inspire and use you for His honour and praise. Well said!


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