Still Waters

April 2022 Devotional

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside peaceful waters.
Psalm 23:2 (GW)

I recently moved to a new country and find that even while I am discovering my new environment, I have a lot quiet time. I live outside the city center, in the countryside with magnificent views of majestic mountains in every direction, lush greenery dappled with the colors of spring in April and there is a lot of water – vast lakes, but also quiet babbling streams inconspicuously flowing through the town and along my walking routes. I fully embrace the rejuvenating effect of these scenes on my body and mind and relish the quietness and peace of days filled with ample servings of silence facilitated by a six-hour time difference between the continents.

I am reminded of Psalm 23:2 where David relishes the peaceful waters where the Shepherd leads for refreshing and restoration. Still waters – perhaps not standing waters, but streams that gently meander through the path created by its own quiet force, watering whatever lies on its banks – whether trees that have extended their roots to meet it or sheep that comfortably to lie about, unafraid of being overwhelmed by roiling rushes, leisurely drinking when thirsty. It is a comforting image that we can look forward to from our Good Shepherd.

Life is not always filled with quiet days, calm winds and long walks. We have moments similar to the psalmist’s experiences, of deep valleys and of ominous shadows brought about by violent storms. Your life may very well feel like tumultuous waters with troubles and cares that provoke anxiety, testing your faith and threatening your peace. But even here, remember He leads us – you will not always be in a place of disquiet and distress. He will lead you through this season to moments dedicated to rest and to replenishing, still waters.

Today, give thanks because He is taking you through and look forward to cherishing the fulfilled promise of peaceful waters of rest, refreshing and restoration.

Read: Psalm 23 – 25

Write: Where are you in your currently? Can you describe this season of your life as being beside still waters? If so, reflect on the beauty of this space and give thanks. If you are in a season that feels a lot more tumultuous, use this scriptures above to renew your faith and hope in the leading of Yahweh. Give thanks even here and look forward to the peaceful waters ahead.

Pray: A.C.T.S.: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

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2 responses to “Still Waters”

  1. In today’s fast-paced, ambitious world it’s even more important than ever to be intentional about soaking up the seasons of “still waters”… be present…to RECEIVE the restoration….How many times during these periods of peace do we find our minds drifting, trying to already solve what could be the next issue, think ahead trying to sneak a preview of sorts of what lies behind the next few doors only to find ourselves on ‘E’, warning light on as soon as our next opportunity to grow our faith or. “Tumultuous waters” appears. Thanks for this reminder to allow ourselves to be led, to rest our ambitious and #goals in the periods of still waters and allow Him to restore our souls.

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