April 2022 Devotional

“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”
Luke 24:49 NIV

Since the beginning of this week, the word that is impressed on my heart is “stay”. That is, to stay in the presence of our Father. I do not mean walking around with my head in the clouds, but rather, when I come into His presence for prayer. worship or fellowship, that I do not rush to leave. In the scripture below we find one of many examples where Yeshua would go into people’s homes to spend time and to fellowship with them. Think of Zaccheus, of Mary and Martha’s home and in Luke 7 He is at the home of Simon the leper. On every one of these occasions there would be a transformation or miracle for the person in whose house he chose to stay or for those who had joined in the fellowship.

While he was in Simon’s house, a woman joined the group of guests and onlookers, I am not sure if she fell into either category, but she stayed through the meal and the conversation because she needed more from the master. The way she expressed that desire for more was through her worship. She did not just enjoy his company and learn from Him as He no doubt taught the occupants of the room. She stayed and she executed her very open and vulnerable worship to the Messiah as if no one else was in the room. Yeshua responded and granted her all that she would ever need, forgiveness and a fresh start, a new leaf. She was transformed for life.

I believe that Yahweh is encouraging us to stay in His presence, after we have conversed and gotten a word or a song, to linger and to continue to pour out our worship and see what transformation will take place. It will happen. Stay so that He can change and sanctify us and stay so He can change our circumstances and move in your lives.

I know that we lead very busy lives, whether it is family, professional demands or ministry, maybe all three, but Father Yahweh is asking for us to spend a little more time and to stay in His presence. Stay and be transformed.

Read – Luke 7:36-50

Write – When was the last time you hung out in His presence? What happens when you ‘stay’ even after you are finished with the formalities of prayer? What do you expect to happen when you choose to stay? What areas of your life need transformation? Ask Him to have His way, as you stay.

Pray – Adoration, Adoration, Adoration

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  1. What an amazing invitation! “If you seek me you will find me…to think it as simple and “come and see”. The opportunity to be renewed the place of endless peace. What a privilege to be in His presence :)!

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