21 Days of Prayer – One Voice

He must become greater, I must become less.
John 3:30 NIV

John the Baptist was born for one purpose – to “go before the Messiah and to prepare the way for Him” (Luke 1:76). His dedication and commitment was such that his purpose and lifestyle blended into a single sound. He ate, dressed and existed to fulfill his divine role in Yahweh’s master plan of salvation. Without a megaphone he preached in the wilderness and many people came from “Jerusalem, all of Judea and the whole region of Jordan” to be baptized by him (Matthew 3:4). Years after his death, water baptism was referred to as “John’s baptism” by the early assembly (Acts 18:25, Acts 19:4).

Of course this brought him attention, even notoriety, he had disciples and was called a “Prophet of the the Most High”, But John refused to allow the attention to shift the focus from why he was here. When the Pharisees tried to ascertain “who he was”, meaning, his position and authority, he redirected them to what he was born to do, saying, “I am the voice of one”! and he used that voice to point to Yeshua the Messiah. Without respect of persons, he preached the same message, remaining steadfast until the day when he physically pointed to the Messiah when he walked into the John’s arena without walls. The prophet said, “this is the one” and from that moment began to yield his podium (John 3:26-30) .

John was the voice of truth and justice in a world filled with the vile and those he referred to as vipers. He was unafraid to speak and live out his purpose even in the face of threat and opposition. His years of preparation in a hard and arid wilderness meant he would not need to curry favor with king or Pharisee. He was beheaded because of his voice, but even death could not silence the man or his message.

As we approach the third and final week of our fast, may we begin to think of what will follow these days of prayer and fasting. Why were we called into the dressing room of the Almighty Creator, if not to be prepared for a life surrendered to His purpose?

In an age where social norms demand that we show “who we are”. choose instead to be the voice that declares the love of Yahweh for the world and the gift of his son, Yeshua the Messiah. One voice is still needed – your voice (and mine) – the united voice of one Body. Be ready to point others in the direction of the Great One.

Read: John 1

Write: How can you be that voice of one? One who prays, and one who shares the good news, unashamed and unafraid? Write a vision of how your purpose in His plan will amplify your voice.

Pray: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

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