21 Days of Prayer – He Prepares a Table

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You have anointed and refreshed my head with oil; My cup overflows.
Psalm 23:5 AMP

One of my chores as child was to set the dining table. My grandmother was very big on everyone in her house coming together for breakfast and dinner, whether it was much or a simple meal, she valued the fellowship of a shared meal. At that time, there would be always be quite a few people at our house on any given day – her children, grandchildren, church family, visitors and even neighbors. Sometimes we would need to add more chairs for the large, rectangular, dark wood dining table which had only six matching chairs.

My job before the meal was to make sure that the placemats, plates or bowls, cups and cutlery, were set up for every person. Since I was still very young, I did not have the responsibility to prepare the meal, but setting the table made me feel I was part of the process. The instructions to “set the table”, was the signal that the meal being prepared was about ready to be served. After I was done, Grandma, or one of my aunts would then bring out the steaming, dishes we had been smelling all along, and every one in the house would converge at the table in response to the call of “dinner is ready!”

As we consider Psalm 23:5 which says, “You prepare a table before me”, we see our Father, not only making provision, but He is also in the preparation. He serves us from His abundant and intricately prepared table, providing our daily meals in response to daily prayers. A prepared table means that there is provision made AND sets the expectation of attendance. Father Yahweh expects us to come to the table and partake, savor, enjoy what He has prepared for us.

During these days of prayer (and fasting), be assured that our Father has prepared for us, in advance, drink for the thirsty, and food that will certainly satisfy the hungry and give us life (Isaiah 55:1-3). I don’t recall having to worry about what was being prepared for me as a child, I knew that my grandmother would give us her best and what we needed. The Bible says, if we on earth know how to give good gifts to our families, how much more will our heavenly father give His Holy Spirit (with his gifts and fruit in abundance) to those who ask. (Luke 11:13).

The psalmist ends the verse by saying “my cup overflows”. There is an overflow available to all who will come, and a refreshing, an anointing to be experienced at His table today. Come to the table, indulge in every word that proceeds from Father Yahweh – the sweet, the savory, the bitter herbs, that is, correction, encouragement and promises, all of it is for our good. Now, I will say as grandma did, “eat up, drink up”. and may your cups overflow today.

Read: Psalm 23 and Psalm 1

Write: What have you been meditating on so far this fast? How has the Word of Yahweh been refreshing your soul? Give thanks for the spread.

Pray: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

4 responses to “21 Days of Prayer – He Prepares a Table”

  1. There is always enough provision from our Master for whosoever enters His house. We just have to turn up! Halleluyah, what a Saviour. The amazing truth is “He prepares the table in the presence of our enemies”. Yahweh’s children is not neglected!

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