Love Forgives

As far as the eastern horizon is from the west, so he removes the guilt of our rebellious actions from us. Psalm 103:12 (NET)

As human beings, we find it hard to release the record of the wrongs done to us by others. In the same way, we may find it difficult to accept that our sins are not on record, waiting to be used against us in judgment and condemnation. We tend to treat others the way we feel we are treated, and in our relationships this may very well be the case. But the Word teaches us to be different, to live a love that erases the debt left by each offense.

It is possible to put this love into practice. The way we begin is to accept the love of Yahweh and His offering made for our sins through His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Accepting His love without trying to earn it and by acknowledging that we need His forgiveness (we all do). His love has made provision for us to be made free, if we ask in faith and accept his forgiveness.

When it comes to forgiving others, it is necessary unlearn some of the ideas we have been taught. If we are freely forgiven, then we can freely forgive others – through Yeshua (Jesus). This also takes faith. Believe that all the wrongs that have been done against you will be taken care of by your loving Father who defends and heals you. Why not take your hurt and offenses to Him and leave it there. Release the records and be free from the desire to see others pay. You currently have no debt as far as your God is concerned. So live free and love others by erasing their debt. Perhaps they will see the love of Messiah in you and be transformed the way that you have been.

Read: Psalm 103; Psalm 130:4; Matthew 6:12; Luke 24:45-47

Write down the verses in Psalm 103 that speaks about forgiveness, and keep them handy for the days when you feel the bars of condemnation closing in on you. Then write about the offenses that you are letting go of right now. When you have identified and released them, rejoice for your own forgiveness in faith. Matthew 6:12.

Pray: Ask your Father for the grace to let go of the records of wrong that you have carried with you over the years. Make a petition on behalf of your offender, so that they also will be saved and come to understand that love does not harm others. Give thanks for the many times that Father Yahweh has forgiven you. He is faithful.

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