Storm Strategy – The Sure

He ordered those who could swim to jump overboard first and swim ashore. Then he ordered the rest to follow on planks or some other pieces of wood from the ship. In this way everyone got to the shore safely. Acts 27:43-44

You may be wondering why you have to go through seasons of struggle and storms. What was the purpose of being in the same boat as others during the COVID-19 pandemic, for example? Could we not have been protected? Are we not favored and precious in the sight of our Savior? The apostle Paul, a chosen dedicated servant of the Kingdom, had to endure the entire journey and every effect of the turmoil alongside criminals and brutal soldiers. But even when he could not see the light of day, he was sure that there was a land where all the passengers would arrive safety. He needed to be in this storm as a witness of faith, peace, perseverance and obedience.

After having gone through the nights of opposition, the days of fearful and anxious thoughts, you have arrived at the point where you are closing the distance between what you have hoped for and what is now within your grasp. We will get to “sure”: to the place where you are confident that your faith will become sight and where you can say, “no matter what comes my way, I will make it”. Now, use the strength you have left, grab hold of the help available to you and finish the course to the sure promises of Yahweh.

The lessons are:

  1. Going through a storm is not due to a lack of favor, but rather a test of faith. You are still loved.
  2. Don’t compare your journey or abilities to others – use what He has given you to get to where He is taking you.
  3. Your testimony of faith in the face of great testing will cause others to believe in Yahweh.

Read: Acts 27 (focus 42-44)

Write: Is there anyone else going through difficulties that you can pray for? Is there anything that you may be able to do to help them get to “sure”. As you recall the areas where you used to doubt, send a message to someone who may still be in that place and remind them that the promises of Yahweh are sure. Give thanks for the new territory and season.

Pray: ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

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