Storm Strategy – Brace for Landing

They struck a sandbar in the water and ran the ship aground. Acts 27:41 (GW)

“Brace for landing” is the warning flight attendants are taught to shout to passengers in the event of an emergency. Emergency landings, although never welcome, are planned for during training. There were two important steps that helped everyone get ready for impact: 1) all loose items had to be secured, even the smallest object could become a dangerous projectile in a hard landing. 2) Before the impact, everyone had to assume the “brace” position – bent low, head down and hands raised protectively over your head.

On this ship, all loose items were already thrown overboard during the storm. Difficulty has a way of helping us see what is important for survival, including what we can live without. So now the decision to run the ship aground implies that preparations were made and that everyone got into position for the landing. Here is the proof: the impact of the landing was so jolting that the ship was destroyed. BUT the passengers lived. If they were not ready for that impact, the passengers would not have survived.

Be ready for impact. There is very little we can control about the changes that are ahead of us, but we can certainly get into the posture that will ensure we are ready for whatever comes. Our posture must be one of worship and surrender to the will of Yahweh.

The lessons are:

  1. Although there may be bumps ahead, you have been prepared for this and will come out with your life – do not be afraid.
  2. You may not be able to control the landing, but you can certainly determine your posture as you approach the promised goal – maintain a posture of worship.
  3. Don’t confuse bumps and bruises with brokenness. You are not bruised beyond the reach of His healing power – be made whole.

Read: Acts 27 (focus 41-42); Psalm 46

Write: Are you ready for the impact that the changes you are expecting will have on your life? Worship the King of kings in readiness for what is ahead. In this place of surrender, receive the embrace of His protective love – over your mind, body and soul and over everyone around you.

Pray: ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

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