While You Are Waiting

After this, the word of Yahweh came to Abram in a vison: “Do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield, your very great reward.” Genesis 15:1 (LEB)

There is a pattern in the life of Abraham that I have found to be constant in the three books I have read about him: in Genesis, the Book of Jasher and the accounts of Josephus, we find that during the years while Abraham waited for the promise of his posterity, the constant was his worship – he built altars and offered sacrifices, believing even though he had not seen what he hoped for.

At various points in time, he would received reminders of what he was expecting, never because the promise changed, but so that he would keep the vision alive. His response, rather than being lulled into weariness, was always worship.

Are you weary, even after hearing that the promise is coming? Have you been stuck in the thought process of “when?” and “why not now?” It is time to exchange your weariness for worship. Today, as you choose to worship, be reminded that He is the God of covenant. He will sustain you while you wait and He will honor His Word. Do not lean into weariness out of despair or frustration, but may your worship in this moment energize you to go forward – to walk, run, soar – in faith.

Read: Genesis 15 and Isaiah 40:28-31

Pray (prayer prompt): Heavenly Father, faithful, just and perfect in every way, I lift my eyes to you and acknowledge that all of my help comes from you, Whenever I am weary from waiting, your word says my strength will be renewed as the eagle. In this moment, I choose to worship you and to envision again, the promises which you have given in your Word and to my heart. I believe that your will is being done in my life and I trust you to complete what you have started, in Yeshua’s name. HalleluYAH.

Write: If you are feeling weary, describe what wears you out. After that, write about the renewal of strength and faith that you know is available from your heavenly Father, based on His Word. Speak to the circumstances and the thoughts that makes it difficult to believe, by reminding yourself of the faithfulness of your Father and His love for you.

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