Day 21 Turning Point

Keep looking ahead

Read: Luke 9:51-53 and Philippians 3:12-14

There is level of resolve that you will need as you move towards this next level of worship and a life of being set apart for the Master’s use. Our reading today shows that Yeshua had arrived at the point of knowing that the culmination of his mission was near. He chose not to stay in a place that was not his destination and incurred the scorn of the people who once desired his company. This did not change his focus or resolve. The ridicule, rejection or indifference of others should not change your focus either, as you pursue your purpose.

Stay connected to the love of our Father through prayer and praise. Resist the enemy’s attempt to deter you from the goal He has predestined you for. Pursue His presence and see the manifestation of His reward in this new season.

Pray: A.C.T.S. – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

Write: Recall the goal you set for this experience on Day 1. Give thanks because you stayed the course. Set your focus on what is ahead. Now press forward!

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