Day 6 The Cloud By Day

Low visibility

Read: Exodus 24:15-18 and Mark 9:2-8

The Presence of Yahweh (God) both led and followed the children of Israel throughout their journey through the wilderness. The cloud was their guide and it was also a protection for them. When Moses approached the mountain of Yahweh, he became enveloped in a cloud. Yahweh was with him there, but others on the outside could not see him. Some gave up on him and and attempted to move on without him. (Exodus 32:1).

If you have ever experienced fog, it appears as if clouds have descended to earth and there is a lack of visibility from far away but inside the fog or the cloud, you are able to see what is immediately in front of you. You will find in this season that those around you may find you to be less accessible or visible. They may be focused on the fact that they do not “see you” or perceive where you are right now. But inside the Cloud of His presence, your vision is not blurred. Others see a cloud, but you know that you are in His presence. Enjoy the intimacy of your close proximity to the Father.

Pray: A.C.T.S. – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication

Write: Are you comfortable with not being seen for a while? In this place, take time to appreciate what you have discovered about Yahweh (God) so far.

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