Get Closer – A 21 Day Devotional Journey

With gratitude, we look back at the past year and see how amazing and faithful Yahweh has been to His people. I acknowledge that it was a challenging year on many levels, but a challenge to our faith has resulted in greater trust in Yahweh our GOD.

As we enter 2021 with great expectation and as we set goals that we will no doubt pursue, I invite you to join me on a 21 day devotional journey that will set the foundation for our year.

It is my goal to get closer to Yahweh and I believe that if we prioritize HIs presence, we will fulfill His purpose for our lives. So join me and the SFT community everyday from January 3 to 23, Or choose a date to start your own 21 day “Get Closer” journey.

Practice the Pray, Read and Write activities in your worship and share the experience with others in your community. Add your comments below, as I share each day’s devotional over the next three weeks. Also, feel free to download the entire devotional, free of cost, from the link above.

I pray the result of this journey will be transformation in your heart and mind, answered prayers and a year of consistent devotion to our faithful Father. I look forward to hearing throughout the year, how the 21 days of sacrifice has brought rewards, healing and deliverance. May your year be blessed and rich in peace, health and love.

Follow, like, share and comment for the next 21 days and be blessed.

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