Impassible ≠ Impossible!

I will turn all my mountains into roads, and my highways will be raised up. (Isaiah 49:11 NIV)

Growing up, traveling from one end of the island of Jamaica to the next could be both adventurous and treacherous. The weather or an accident could easily make the main roads impassible, either because of flooding, landslides or an overturned truck. Navigating the narrow byways during a detour added hours to our one-day outings – a church or school trip – and left us exhausted and in some cases, our plans cancelled.

After years of development, highways have been created through once inaccessible mountains. A three-hour trip to Kingston has been cut in half, thanks to a wide, multi-lane thoroughfare. The creation of these new routes through mountains – the engineering and planning, the mapping out from beginning to end – is not lost on me as a child of Yahweh in the light of the main scripture (Isaiah 49:11) and and others like it (Isaiah 40:4, Isaiah 43:15-19).

In these verses our Father reminds us that He is the Master Engineer and He is able to create openings through obstacles, and transform paths that seemed impassible into highways. Your inability to figure out a solution does not faze Him. In fact, this is the moment He is putting His pre-ordained plan into action, having designed the path of your life from beginning to end. He knew that you would arrive at the end of your own efforts and He is ready to respond to your cry for help. David says, “I called upon Yahweh (The Lord) in my distress, He answered me and set me in a large place” Psalm 118:5.

No matter what you are facing today, look to your Father! With Yahweh all things are possible. Ways are being made, doors are opening, needs will be supplied and prayers are being answered. What seems impassible is not impossible. So like the children of Israel facing the Red Sea, “stand still and see the salvation of Yahweh”. And when He directs you, “go forward” with praise. Speak of the omnipotence of Yahweh and experience the Way Maker in your life.

Today, may all your mountains be turned into roads. Walk forward!

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