New Release – Beware the Skinny Cows

How has the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted you?  What if I told you that this is a season in which you can thrive and experience fruitfulness in your life? It is possible!

Download this FREE BOOKLET for 3 key principles to recognizing and securing abundance in your daily life:

Beware the Skinny Cows 30 July 2020_Sharon Haughton

Click to access beware-the-skinny-cows-30-july-2020_sharon-haughton-1.pdf

Please read and share with your family, friends and church. There is great blessings in store for the reader and tools to apply the Word of Yahweh (God) in this season.

Based on the interpretation of Joseph to the Pharaoh’s dream in Genesis 41, this is an essential spiritual guide to getting through the COVID-19 pandemic and thriving; emerging in triumph and abundance.

This book is the property of Sharon Haughton and must not be copied or duplicated without permission. All rights reserved. 

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  1. YAHWEH’S using you to bless, comfort, strengthen, and encourage others Shars. Certainly, very timely reading.Would have loved to have a paper copy that I could annotate as I read. A Must Share.

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