Your response matters!

Based on Luke 23:32-43

In the middle of His crucifixion, our Savior hung between two men. Both had something to say, but He responded only to the one who looked past His pain and recognized His authority, the one who understood that this was a transformative encounter. The other incited rebellion, suggesting the Messiah react to His accusers and show off His power; but this would have resulted in disobedience.

There were voices all around Yeshua: the rulers below shouting their ridicule, the sarcastic soldiers, the mocking crowd, the crying women and the convicts on either side. But He kept His attention on the goal while talking to His Father and when he did respond he chose to show compassion to the man who humbly asked for mercy.

He was purposeful in His response – who and what He paid attention to.

As you press toward fulfilling your purpose, raise your attention above the fray of opinions, judgments and even words that on the surface sound like good advice. Know who you are; continue to do His will.

“Today, you will be with me in paradise”

Luke 23:43 (NIV)

Excerpt from new devotional on forgiveness.

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One response to “Your response matters!”

  1. I started reading your book just this morning (Sufficient For Today) and I find it to be very inspiring. May Yahweh continue to give you insight as you draw closer to Him each day. Be blessed!


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